The temperature of the water that comes out of our thermal spring is about 58ºС. It reaches our pools and SPA facilities with lower temperature that makes it feel great for your your body.

The water is rich in different minerals like sodium, potassium, iron, fluorine, chlorine, sulfur and соме compounds of them. This complex content is supposed to help prevent and support the treatment of some health issues, like:

  • Gynecological problems;
  • Chronic inflammatory processes affecting the skin and respiratory tract;
  • Biliary and kidney problems;
  • Diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal system, etc.

The pleasant temperature of the mineral water allows the guests of Pulse Therme to benefit from its healing properties in all seasons. Thus, it becomes an all-year center for active spa and balneo tourism for people from Bulgaria or abroad.



As nowadays spa treatments are on the list of everyone who looks for the most modern methods of relaxation, let’s remind that the healing power of mineral water has been known for millennia. We can find a lot of evidence for this here. You can see for yourself by visiting Pulse Therme in the village of Banya.

This is the oldest settlement in the Razlog region, and there is an obvious reason for that. There are more than 70 hot mineral water springs in and near the village. Pulse Therme uses water from an individual mineral spring and has established itself as a center of attraction for people seeking the healing power of thermal water.

The area of ​​the village of Banya has been within the borders of all the great empires established in the area during ancient times. The Thracians, the Romans, the Ottoman Turks left their traces here. The preserved remains of a Roman and Turkish bath can be seen in various places in the village. They are among its symbols of the village today and help support the successful transition from antiquity to modernity. It is a transition based on the pride of the entire region – the healing mineral water.

Located next to the baths used in the past, Pulse Therme is a bridge through time. A bridge that connects the ancient and traditional methods of using thermal water with modern technologies in spa and balneo treatment. The thermal complex is located here not by any coincidence. We aim at combining the treasures of classic lifestyle with the gifts of nature and make their consumption sustainable. This way we could preserve the power of thermal water so that the legend of it remains a reality for future generations.

There are evidences that Philip, the father of Alexander the Great, used the healing power of the mineral springs in the village of Banya. And today we generously share their goods with thousands of people from around the world.

Our pools allow you to experience all the benefits of the area’s healing water. A variety of pools and water features are available for you to enjoy.