an oasis for mind, body and spirit

Pulse Therme

Our vision is to provide a memorable world-class experience that is accessible to all.

Pulse Therme’s vision is to create the most modern, desirable and memorable thermal pools and areas, combining nature, technology and lifestyle in one. We do this by demonstrating world-class hospitality, respecting our cultural heritage and passing it on to our guests, showing the utmost care for the environment, setting a standard for sustainable tourism.

By combining advanced technologies in the wellness industry and preserving the thermal water ecosystem, we provide an experience that enhances the mind, body and soul.


We maintain an excellent level of hospitality to provide our guests with a first-class experience while showing respect for each visitor and their safety

Family comfort

We guarantee to provide a safe and welcoming place for all members of your family to have a memorable experience


We strive for maximum environmental care and work to support the modern need for well-being for all, restoring physical and mental health